Desk Shelf

Does the desk shelf fit properly with all of your surfaces?

It absolutely does, both aesthetically and physically. The desk shelf was designed to fit on all of our surface sizes while still allowing ample room for you to work with, and is available in all of the same laminate and hardwood finishes as our desk surfaces.

How many monitors can fit on the shelf?

This depends highly on the size of the screens, however, it will comfortably support two monitors for the average user.

How much weight can the shelf support?

The desk shelf can support up to 120 pounds.

Is it fixed to the surface or can I move it around?

The Desk Shelf is not attached to the surface, therefore you are able to move it around the desk freely. 
There are soft pads underneath the feet to allow you to move it around your surface without damaging it.

Does the Desk Shelf fit on a 24 x 48 surface?

Yes, the surface of the Desk Shelf is 42" long, leaving you with room on both sides.

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