Monitor Arm

What types of monitors are compatible with your monitor arms?

Our monitor arms accommodate VESA 75mm and 100mm monitors measuring up to 30" and weighing between 2 to 7 kg.

Are your monitor arms compatible with every ergonofis desk?

Yes, our monitor arms are compatible with every ergonofis desk as they can be clamped on desk surfaces between 5/8" and 2" thick. You can choose between black and white, so they blend effortlessly with your design.

Will installing the monitor arms on my desk damage its surface?

No, our monitor arms come with protective rubber pads to be installed between the C-clamp and the desk surface, so no damage is done to your desk!

If I purchase the dual monitor arm with the laptop tray, can I remove the laptop tray and attach a second monitor instead?

Yes, you are free to remove the laptop tray and use the second arm for a monitor, and vice versa, at any time.

The hole for the brackets to hold the laptop on the laptop tray doesn't align, am I doing something wrong?

 Nope! The holes are not meant to align, they are just aesthetics, the screws are supposed to be pressured against the metal.

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