Power Bar Outlet

Is my laptop and my cell phone compatible with your Power Bar?

The voltage output of our power bar supply is the same as your outlet's output voltage. In North America, our average voltage output is 125 volts. Please refer to your laptop’s instruction manual if you are not certain about the compatibility of this product. The USB port has standard output voltage of 5 volts. Please refer to your cellphone’s instruction manual to make sure this USB port is compatible with your device.

Is your power unit easy to install?

It certainly is! If you want to install the on-desk power unit, simply screw the c-clamp where you want the unit to be, and you're done. For the under-desk power unit, you will need a drill to screw the four (4) wooden screws under the surface to secure the power unit under your desk.

Do the holes for the under-desk power bar come pre-drilled?

No. As the optimal placement of the power bar varies wildly from one user’s setup to another, the holes are not pre-drilled.

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