What is the warranty on your Shift surface?

The Shift tops are made out of laminate and are subject to a 5-year warranty.

The warranty applies to the material and workmanship of the laminate surface. Material and workmanship defects are covered for cracks and bumps in the laminate surfaces upon reception of the product.

At the reception of our product, it’s your responsibility to inspect the laminate top for defects in material and workmanship. The surface will be deemed clear of any defects if no issues are revealed by your inspection 5 days after you received the tabletop.

Please note that laminate surfaces are subject to:
  1. Discoloration, if the surface is constantly exposed to the sunlight.
  2. Scratches if a sharp object is used on the surface of the table, without any protective intermediary surface.

    * These situations are not covered by the warranty

This laminate warranty is applicable for 5 years, subject, but not limited, to the limitations below:
  • The variations in the finish and color of the surfaces, including but not limited to, the color change caused by direct exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period.
  • A clear sign of a temperature variation at your surfaces’ location.
  • Scratches and dents resulting from normal everyday use of the surfaces.
  • Scratches and dents resulting from an abusive usage of the product.
  • All conditions resulting from a lack of maintenance (very little maintenance needed, refer to our maintenance guide for more info).
  • All conditions resulting from the use of a cleaning chemical (alcohol, detergent, etc.) that damages the finish and the wood.

    * Please note that the warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and it is not transferable.

Bending of the surfaces

To avoid curvature of the table tops, it is recommended to distribute the weight on the surface. Any weight of more than 40 lbs. undistributed could cause surface curvature, and this bend is not covered by the ergonofis warranty.

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