Are your desks eco-friendly? Where are they made?

Yes, our sit-stand desk are eco-friendly for several reasons:

  • All of our table tops are built locally in Quebec. 
  • Our tabletops come from one of the few renewable resources available, wood*.
  • We use local wood, which lowers the detrimental effects of transportation.
  • We use solid wood, which is the least transformed product available on the market. Solid wood is very durable, which allows our clients to keep their desks much longer than a traditional desk with veneered wood. 
  • When we ship to Montreal, we do our best to decrease the usage of packaging material. Indeed, we try our best to ship in heavy-duty blankets to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • We always prioritize local materials as well as local labour, as this is in line with our devotion to ecological and ethical practices.

    * The Shift model is the only one with a laminate top.

Where are they made? 

  • Our solid wood tabletops and our laminate tabletops are sourced and made locally in Quebec; 
  • Our Sway/Alive frame, including its motors, is made in the USA;
  • Our Ergo frame, including its motors, is made in China; our founders even went there themselves to ensure that the manufacturing process is ethical and that they can deliver a product of the utmost quality.

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