Cable Management Solution

How to choose the dimension of the cable management solution?

- For surfaces that are 24'' x 48'', choose size 42''
- For surfaces that are 30'' x 60 or 30'' x 72'', choose size 58''

What is included with the cable management solution?

The cable management solution includes:
- 1 privacy screen with cable tunnel
- 1 9-outlet surge protector power strip
- Reusable cable ties
- Adhesive cable ties

How do I install the cable management solution power bar?

You can fix it to the surface using the 3 screws included with the solution. Then, you can affix the power bar using the tire wraps and affix your wires to the grid using the velcros.

Can I plug my desk into the Power Bar?

Yes you can! This will also allow you to just have 1 wire going into the wall versus two.

Yes,The cable management solution may be installed on any desk made of a solid material onto which it is possible to screw.

This product, however, can not be installed on tabletops filled with "honeycomb structure paper filing" (e.g IKEA LINNMON, LAGKAPTEN etc.)

For more information on the space required for the installation of the cable management solution on your non-ergonofis desk, you can refer to the diagram, right here

How should I install the cable management solution (which way)?

It is possible to install the cable management solution in both directions, one will allow you to put the power bar at the top of the grid, or the second at the bottom of the grid using the velcros.

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