Are your sit-stand desks stable?

To be completely transparent with you, there’s always a little wobble when using sit-stand desks at their standing heights (the higher a structure is on the same frame, the more it will be susceptible to wobble). Even though there’s no escaping a little wobbliness, we invest heavily in the quality of our products and our desks are within the most stable on the market. That being said, there are certainly a few things that may impact (and could potentially help you) the stability of your desk:

  1. The foot screws (the ones attaching each foot to the lifting columns) need to be tightened all the way in.
  2. The wood screws also need to be tightened all the way in (the ones that secure the frame to the top).
  3. Some monitor screens wobble more than others (the structure of their feet may be more susceptible to wobbliness).

Although a bit of wobbliness can be expected at the standing height, the desks mostly wobble when users test the stability (pushing the desk back-and-forth).

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