What is the difference between the Sway/Alive and the Shift desk?

The performance of the frames are relatively the same (same weight capacity, same speed of adjustment). Here are the main differences:

  1. The Shift 2.0’s frame comes with a handset that’s attached under the work surface instead of being integrated into it;
  2. The Shift Desk's handset has 4 programmable heights instead of 2 on the Sway;
  3. The work surface of the Shift 2.0 is built with a high-end soft-touch laminate that is ultra-matte and resists fingerprints;
  4. The Sway and Alive surfaces are made of solid wood;
  5. There is a slight difference in starting and ending heights. The Shift’s frame starts at 24.5" and goes up to 49" versus the Sway/Alive’s frame that goes from 23" to 48.7".

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