I’m tall/short, will the YouToo chair be suitable for me?

Excellent question! Some people have longer legs, some people have longer torsos, everyone’s body is differently proportioned, which is why we do not have a minimum or maximum user height listed. The YouToo chair is customizable, which helps it in being suitable for a whole range of heights and body types.

Our two additional ergonomic options, the back height adjustment and the seat slider, can be very useful for people that are both taller or shorter than average. 

Back height adjustment:

The back height adjustment gives the option to move the seat up or down to adjust lumbar support based on the user’s natural spine curvature. 

Seat slider:

The seat slider option allows to position the seat forward or backward, as needed, to sit comfortably with back to the seat and knees at a 90-degree angle.  

Many people, regardless of their height, will add the options of the seat slider and back height adjustments so that they can precisely customize the chair to their needs. These two options allow to “expand” the basic dimensions of the chair, but they are not necessary for the comfortable functioning of the YouToo chair. 

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