What surface can I use with my Ergo frame?

Your Ergo frame is adaptable; you can install many types of surfaces on it! We have broken down our recommendations below.

What materials can I use*?
  • Solid wood;
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF);
  • High-density fiberboard (HDF);
  • Marine-grade Baltic birch plywood;
  • Particle board;
  • Any solid and durable surface that can be safely pre-drilled and screwed into.

* Please note that your Ergo frame can support 300lbs; this includes the weight of your surface

What are the required dimensions and thickness for my surface?

For reference: the Shift 2.0 desk, which is equipped with our Ergo frame, comes in 24” x 48”, 30” x 60”, or 30” x 72” dimensions.
It has a 19 mm (¾”) surface.

To ensure optimal support and stability, consult our recommendations:

  • Minimum dimensions of surface: 
    • Depth: 20” (this will fit flush with the frame; the surface will have no overhang)
    • Length: 40”
    • Thickness: 19 mm
  • Maximum dimensions of surface:
    • Depth: 40”
    • Length: 80”
  • Minimum thickness of surface: 15 mm (⅝”)
  • Maximum thickness of surface: None! Just make sure to adjust your screw length accordingly.
  • When you purchase your frame, you get the option between 24” long feet and 30” long feet. The length of the feet ensures that the desk is always stable. You should choose the feet according to the depth of your surface:
  • For surfaces measuring between 20” and 28” in depth, choose the 24” feet;
  • For surfaces measuring between 28” and 36” in depth, choose the 30” feet. 

If you are uncertain whether your surface will be suitable for the Ergo frame, feel free to email us, and we will be able to help you work it out: info@ergonofis.com

Please note that you should always pre-pierce your surface before beginning installation. 

Follow this formula: Depth of pre-pierced holes = (length of screw) - (⅛”)

What if my surface is thinner than 19 mm (¾”)?

If your surface’s thickness falls between 19 mm (¾”) and 15 mm (⅝”), you should consider the following for your materials and the stability of your desk:

Material considerations:

  • You will need short, wide, and heavy-duty screws, specifically for the screws that will connect the Ergo frame to your surface. Our designer recommends 15 mm (⅝”) long #10 size Phillips rounded head screws for sheet metal.
  • You should pre-pierce your surface before proceeding with the installation of your Ergo frame. We recommend you drill small holes measuring ⅛”(3.175mm) diameter. The length of the hole should correspond to the length of the screw, minus ⅛”. 
  • Once you begin the installation, use the lowest torque setting on your drill, as to minimize potential damage to your surface.
  • You should ensure that you do not use existing holes that are on your surface. These holes could potentially have been damaged by prior screws.
  • The material of your surface may possibly be fragile, so proceed with caution and treat it gently when drilling and screwing. 

Stability considerations:

  • For thin surfaces, you will have to be considerate of the weight distribution on your desk, especially for the areas of your surface that are not directly supported by the Ergo frame. In other words, we recommend that you avoid putting excess weight on the extremities of your surface.

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