Leather Desk Pad

Are marks on my desk pad normal?

This product uses authentic full-grain leather, which has beautiful, natural imperfections and marks such as scars, bug bites and stretch marks acquired throughout the animal’s life. Such markings are not in fact flaws but rather contribute to the unique aesthetic of the hide and make it such that each individual product has its own story to tell. The absence of such marks often signifies that the leather is of lesser quality.

Will my desk pad change colour over time?

The desk pad is made out of natural leather, which darkens and develops its patina over time. These characteristics usually are what people who appreciate full grain leather look for as eventually, the product truly, uniquely becomes your own based on its usage and environment, from the oils on your hands to exposure to light. Like our own skin, it will take on characteristics based on its surroundings.

Can I put a desk pad on a Sway or Alive wooden desktop?

Certainly! However, it absolutely must be taken into consideration that, like all organic materials, wood’s color can start to change with exposure to the elements, including light both natural and artificial. As the desk pad will cover a portion of your surface thus preventing its exposure to light, the wood around it may darken over time resulting in a mark of the same size as the desk pad appearing on your surface. Should this happen, simply removing the pad and allowing the newly uncovered surface to be exposed to light again will eventually result in it blending in with the rest of the surface. In order to avoid the marking altogether, we recommend occasionally removing the pad. Furthermore, we recommend moving any decorative objects from time to time.

How can I clean my leather desk pad?

The best way to clean your desk pad is to gently rub it with a damp rag or towel (not soaked). Refrain from using any cleaning products so as not to damage the leather.

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