Neat Filing Cabinet

How long does the filing cabinet take to assemble?

The Neat Filing Cabinet can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes! The cabinet comes mostly pre-assembled, you will simply need to screw in the casters and the front panels for the drawers, and install the lock mechanism (we promise it's simpler than it sounds!).

Is the Neat Filing Cabinet stable?

The Neat pedestal is extremely stable as it includes a 5th wheel located in the middle of the pedestal and is used to support its weight.

What material are the walls of the cabinet made of?

The Neat cabinet's walls are made of melamine laminate with a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) core, making them smooth yet dense and durable.

How is the Neat Filing Cabinet shipped?

If you order our Neat Filing Cabinet on its own, it will likely be shipped with a courier.
If you order our Neat Filing Cabinet with a desk, it will be more likely to be shipped with a white glove delivery partner.
(some orders may still be shipped with a courier)

My front panels are not aligning, what do I do?

For the best visual representation and explanation on how to do this, please refer to our Neat Filign Cabinet installation guide on pages 16 to 17.

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