Desk Drawer

Which surfaces is the desk drawer compatible with?

Our desk drawer is compatible with all of our 30” x 60” or 30” x 72” sized surfaces. It is not compatible with our 24” x 48” surfaces because the depth is not large enough to accommodate the drawer as the frame of the desk would prevent a proper installation. Please note that the drawer is incompatible with desks purchased in or prior to 2017, and that we are not responsible if the drawer does not fit under a desk not made by ergonofis.

Is the drawer compatible with the Alive’s live edge?

While you can certainly install a drawer on an Alive desk, it may not be entirely flush with the edge of the desk. The reason for this is that the live edge retains the natural curvature of the wood as opposed to being a straight cut.

How can I clean my drawer panel?

The best way to clean the drawer panel is to gently rub it with a damp rag or towel (not soaked). Refrain from using cleaning products to help to keep the wood finish intact.

Is the desk drawer difficult to assemble and install?

Not at all! You simply need to screw in the front panel to the metal frame and then screw the drawer into the pre-drilled holes underneath your surface.

On which side of my desk can I install my drawer?

You can only install the drawer on the left side of your desk. If installed on the right side, it will interfere with the inlay handset.

Can I install 2 drawers on my 30'' x 72'' desk?

Unfortunately, you can't, installing a drawer on the right side will interfere with the inlay handset.

Do the holes for the drawer come pre-drilled on my surface?

Yes, your surface will arrive pre-drilled with holes to accommodate the desk drawer.

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